This website was created and handled by Mr. Amit Gautam. The website is operational from 17 June 2024, with the idea of sharing our knowledge with the concerned people backed by facts and studies. We intend to deliver true information already available in public domain with the touch of our creativity and understanding. All our content is only published after verifying all the facts stated. We strictly adhere to google’s policy and would request our visitors to also do the same.

Our goal is to create a space for users where they can find answers for their fitness related queries, even the topics that people hardly talk about but important. If you feel we should create an article on a specific topic, do let us know. This website is under development and we’re focused on standing up to your demands. All feedbacks are sincerely welcomed. We help you in your fitness goals, you help us in reaching masses. Let us grow together with the sole mission of getting fit, as the saying goes “Fitness is more than mere aesthetics but the inner functioning of our bodies”.

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